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Schools face many decisions over the course of a year, but adding Hydration By Haws™ bottle fillers to your place of learning is one of the easier ones you’ll make. 

Bottle fillers for schools and universities

Quickly becoming a mainstay in both secondary and higher education schools, Hydration By Haws™ bottle fillers' low profile wall-mounted bottle fillers provide hygienic, filtered water with easy, touch-free access for busy students and faculty while significantly reducing your waste.

“The reaction has been positive from the beginning because people are concerned about buying plastic water bottles and about the cleanliness of regular drinking water.”

Tony Knight, Superintendent, Oak Park USD.

Helping schools walk the walk when it comes to sustainability issues.

Practical and sustainable

Hydration By Haws™ water dispensers are practical, low-maintenance water bottle fillers are unobtrusive and can be placed in residence halls, athletic facilities, student unions and other high-traffic areas. The refill stations encourage students to use more environmentally friendly containers instead of disposable plastic bottles.

Case Studies

Quinnipiac University

College is a place to learn, a place to receive an education both inside and outside the classroom. With new found personal awareness and an encouraging culture, campuses provide...

Nashua North Titans

Since 2002, thousands of young men and women have walked the halls of Nashua High School North, a place of rigorous and relevant academic focus that also...

Encouraging everyone to drink more water

Schools may also qualify for additional savings through the Hydration By Haws™ fundraising program, which can earn schools a free station. 

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