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Help raise awareness about the benefits of drinking water for your organization

Everybody deserves access to a clean drinking water

Together with Drink Up and the Hydration By Haws™ Bottle Filler  Fundraising Program, your group can easily raise the funds to earn your own Hydration By Haws™ Bottle Filler! With no out-of-pocket costs and easy payment options, the Hydration By Haws™ Bottle Filler can quickly be installed at your location.

It's Simple

Sign Up

Sign up your group and receive 300 custom Nalgene® bottles printed with your selected logo and start selling.

Pay with Proceeds

After 90 days, pay for the Hydration By Haws™ with the bottle sale proceeds. No money comes out of your budget!  

Bottle filler selection

Select your preferred Hydration By Haws™ Bottle Filler logo configuration and take advantage of adding your own customized logo or school name to be laser-etched onto the unit at no additional cost! 


Hydration By Haws™ Logo 


No Logo


Custom Logo

Choose a customized water bottle

You get to choose the color of the bottle, the lid, and the logo you would like printed on the bottles. There are unlimited color combinations so you get to pick the design that's right for your program.

Nashua North Titans Campaign for Hydration