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Spec Sheet: Model 2000S

Spec Sheet: Model HCR8

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Spec Sheet: Model 2000SMS

Spec Sheet: Model MTGFR.HSC

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Spec Sheet: Model 6423

Spec Sheet: Model 6470

2000 Series Bottle Filler Nozzle Replacement

Case Studies

Nashua North Titans

Since 2002, thousands of young men and women have walked the halls of Nashua High School North, a place of rigorous and relevant academic focus that also...

Quinnipiac University

College is a place to learn, a place to receive an education both inside and outside the classroom. With new found personal awareness and an encouraging culture...

Renown Hospital

Northern Nevada’s Renown Health™ is a nationally recognized health network with various large and small healthcare facilities committed to providing excellence...


HSBC Bank Canada group has more than 260 offices and is the leading international bank in Canada. HSBC Technology and Service is an integral part of the HSBC..


Reaching ADA Standards with Drinking Fountains

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"We invest in education, not bottled water.”

Chuck Price, University of Nevada, Reno

"Our clientele love the Hydration By Haws™ bottle filler… They always stop in and fill up their bottles before hitting the course.”

Stuart Smith, Somersett Golf & Country Club

Recessed Mounted Bottle Fillers

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